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Reviews: Demon Tears

Jeff of Michele 'n Jeff Reviews

“...Demon Tears is a beautifully written tale of triumph and hope,
and it is head-and-shoulders above most other books within the genre.”
November 14, 2010. Click here for the full review.

Reviews: The Fallen

Rebecca Groff, Rebecca's Notepad

“...The tension developed in those first pages was captivating–talk
about impending suspense and an involved story line! What fun I've had. ”
January 23, 2011. Click here for the full review.

Ken Tasho, Edge Providence

“...Dagon’s world makes the reader believe the events unfolding
in the story might actually be true! A well-written and intelligent tale...”
September 20, 2008. Click here for the full review.

Paige, Rainbow Reviews

“It had moments of absolute brilliance, and the characters were
all well-painted, heart-tuggingly sympathetic, and believable.
...It kept me turning the pages as quick as I could read,
and I'm looking forward to the next book.”
Spring 2008. Click here for the full review.

Ventura Angelo, Amazon Customer Review

“...plotlines converge in an exquisite narrative on
friendship, love, good and evil, and ultimately the Meaning of Life.
As if Douglas Adams [had met] Storm Constantine, or Clive Barker.”
February 29, 2008

Eric Arvin, Author of Subsurdity, The Rest is Illusion

“ Dagon races along, telling the story with a freshness and wit
(in fact, there are some big laughs) that seems to be sorely missing
from many of his contemporaries. His is a highly recommended book ”
Summer 2007. Click here for the full review.

J.C. Parish, Web Digest Weekly

“ Mingling in touches of personal experience, interspersed with
characters vividly created, and magnified through excellent storytelling,
the followers of Joshua's work can easily attest to his original style.”
10/21/2007, (Spotlight Interview)

Tony Glassman, Gay People's Chronicle Newspaper

“It's good, it's fun, it's engaging.”

Amos Lassen, Eureka Pride

“I predict that Joshua Dagon is on his way to a huge career in the
field of writing and we all will be better off because of this.
Get a copy of The Fallen and you will understand why I say this.”
11/16/2006, (Literary Pride Book Review)


Reviews: Into the Mouth of the Wolf

Jim, Rainbow Reviews

“Mr. Dagon's writing style is representative of
this kind of story~ fast paced, colorful, slightly profane,
but always with a sense that he knows what he's talking about.”
Spring 2008. Click here for the full review.


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